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Founded in 1921, the Bund 5, as the national landmarks, re-opened in 2015. With 10 top restaurants gathered at one place, The Bund 5 puts its focus on dining, and attempts to bring a new experience of modern cuisine to Shanghai.

Bo Shanghai

Alvin Leung, who left his engineering profession to pursue the art of culinary,was awarded the Michelin three-star honors with only a few short years. He earned the title of "The Demon Chef" due to his passion and talent for food.He established Bo Shanghai,which has now become a shining star at the Bund 5.

A complete Chef Set Menu includes 11 dishes comprising flavors with Chinese and French styles. Alvin pays great attention to detail in his creations, and will never fail to surprise you – all this is embodied in Bo Shanghai.

Alvin Leung

Alvin Leung was born in England in 1961 and grew up in Canada. Because of his passion for food and the talent of cuisine, Alvin decided to be a chef instead of an engineer and gave himself a nickname, "The Demon Chef ". As an Asian, Alvin finally chose to open his own restaurant, named Bo Innovation. Within a few years, he got reward of Michelin three-star honors.

2009 Hong Kong Bo Innovation - Two Michelin Stars
2012 Hong Kong Bo Innovation - Top 52 Best Restaurant in the World
2014 Hong Kong Bo Innovation – Three Michelin Stars