All To Find That Great “Flavor”“Simple, but the Best”

Is there one single flavor that represents Chinese Cuisine? Fry, Stir-fried, Steam, boiled, double-boiled, grilled, braised, there are endless Chinese cooking styles from over 5000 years of Chinese culture. From the spicy mala of Szechuan to the saucy Shanghai flavors, all these are combined to form the most sumptuous feast you will never forget.

Delicacy  Elegance  Homeliness

Jereme has travelled all over China for 30 years, combing through big towns and small villages alike, in search of all the great flavors that would be form the recipe to be hosted by Pu Ben, run by VOL. The end result is a Chinese cuisine borne with the fresh elements of each style – all without loss of quality and elegance.
In Pu Ben, we strive to create but maintain the dishes’ origins. You can try the exotic Singaporean food, and at the same time have the delights of Taiwanese family dishes, all created based on the play of original recipes without losing the essence of what makes it special. This is what defines Pu Ben.

Jereme Leung

Mr. Jereme Leung, born in 1971, is a Singapore Chinese star chef. He is one of the most creative innovators of modern Chinese food in Asia and he is the one who successfully integrates the Western concept into traditional Chinese cuisine. Mr. Leung’s great passion for research and innovation of Chinese food for many years leads more and more people to know and love the "New Chinese food."

In 2000, Leung awarded the Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Science, naming him one of the "World's Best Chefs".
In 2001, at Singapore's World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence, he was presented with the inaugural Rising Chef of the Year award.
In 2007, the renowned culinary academy At-Sunrice conferred upon him the Global Chef Award.
In 2008, he was named ‘Chef of the Year’ by Time Out magazine, Beijing.
In 2014, he was served as the food assessment of "Star Chef" on Jiangsu TV.
In 2015, Mr. Leung started his first restaurant, "PuBen", in Shanghai, China.